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Universal-Motherboard Testfixture for
Probe-Card-Test-System  Precision Point VX2

The universal fixture consists of three components:

1)	A test-system related basic universal frame.

2)	A probe-card related motherboard.  

3)	A probe-card related  insert ring

1) Cost saving     For each new probe card  just a  set-up kit is needed.
                           A set-up kit  consists of  an insert ring and an insert motherboard.  

2) Time saving:   Quick changing  from one type of probe-card to another.

3) Universal use: The same set-up kits can be used with several test-systems having installed the
                           basic universal frame on the  top plate.

4) Space saving:  Reduced storage space for motherboard fixtures.

Fixed On The Top Plate Of  the 

Example Keithley

Example Agilent
Usable with probe-cards up to 290mm diameter  

Adjustable to probe-card-diameters  greater than 290mm.

Adjustable to test-systems of different manufacturers.  


After the installation of a basic frame on the top plate of the test-system, different  probe-card
set-up  kits can be changed easily in three steps.  

1)  The respective insert ring and motherboard will be inserted in the basic frame.   

2)  The probe-card will be inserted.

3) The frame will be closed , and driven down pneumatically.

4) If it becomes necessary to adjust the needles of a probe-card the complete fixture can be turned
    180 ° together with the movable plate of the test-system.  

Different probe-card / motherboard examples:

1) Example For Teradyne Flex 
2) Example For Agilent /
   Verigy Probe-Card. Frame
   Closed, Motherboard Not
3) Example For Keithley

Agilent / Verigy

Teradyne - Flex

1) Basic Universal Frame

2) Insert Motherboard

3) Insert Ring

1) Motherboard And Insert Ring      2) Probe-Card	     3) Closed And Driven Down 
	Basic Frame                    +	               	Motherboard 	             +               Insert Ring        =	        Complete Test-Fixture